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Getting arrested for a DUI, is a terrifying experience. For many people, being charged with a DUI it is their first run in with law enforcement, the court system, and the process of posting bail or bond. The first thing you should do is consult with an attorney so that you understand your rights.

Getting arrested for a DUI, is a terrifying experience. For many people, being charged with a DUI it is their first run in with law enforcement, the court system, and the process of posting bail or bond. The first thing you should do is consult with an attorney so that you understand your rights.

Midwest Bonding has been in business for over 20 years, and over this time we have developed long lasting relationships with several attorneys across the state. It might be wise to hire a local and respected attorney with expertise in handling DUI charges.

Please contact our office if you need help in obtaining an attorney referral. The attorney should also be able to help you through the process.

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There will be many questions that you want answers to. Here are a few.

Where is my vehicle?

What happens to my vehicle?

Will I be released or do I have a post bond?

Can I post bond or do I have to wait for my arraignment?

How much trouble am I in, and what are the potential consequences?

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An agent from Midwest Bonding would be able to help you through the process of posting bail, finding out when and where the arraignment will be, and what is required to post bond, but the other questions should only be answered by experienced attorney.

Examples of a few of several scenarios that may happen when an individual is arrested for a dui.

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  • One scenario is that a defendant could be arrested, booked into jail, and released the same day. This situation usually occurs when it’s an individual’s first offense and they are just over the legal limit to drive.
  • Another scenario is that an individual is arrested, and there is a judge on call that can issue a bail to be posted prior to the arraignment. The availability of this option often depends on what county an individual is arrested in. 
  • Yet another option is that a person is arrested, and is required to wait until their arraignment. This could mean that if an individual is arrested on a Friday night they might not see the judge until Monday. 
  • Also, if an individual is arrested on a Saturday or Sunday they may not see the judge until the following Tuesday.

Midwest bonding and their agents should be able to help you understand the time line of events if you give us a call.

In the event that a defendant has to wait for an arraignment the judge will set the conditions for release. One option is that judge might release a defendant on a RPR or his/her promise to return for court with-out needing to post bond or being on being placed on conditions. Another option is that a judge could set conditions on a defendant’s release.

An example would be that a defendant could be released with several conditions OR post bond. These conditions might include things such as blowing into a machine 3x a day, refraining from bars and liquor stores, or random drug or alcohol testing.

Some of these conditions can be expensive and confusing so it is important that a defendant understands the cost of the conditions and what is expected of the defendant to ensure that they are not rearrested for violating their conditions of release.

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Often times a defendant is released on an RPR with conditions, they post conditional bail and later decide that they wish they would have posted unconditional bail.  No worries, Midwest Bonding is able to help. 

If a defendant decides to change their mind and post unconditional bail they can call Midwest Bonding, make arrangements with one of our representatives, and that agent will bring the bond to the courts to get a person off of conditions.  The time to do this is before you violate your conditions and not after.  Please give Midwest Bonding a call and they may be able to get you off of conditions today. 

Clearly there is a lot of information to learn and understand in the unfortunate event that a person is charged with a DUI.  The wheels of justice move slowly, and often times the process takes months and not days. 

Midwest Bonding is the perfect company to call in the event that you elect to post unconditional bail, post bail with conditions, or decide to get off conditions after you have already been released.  We have agents located throughout the state, we have decades of experience, and we are the busiest and highest rated bail bond company in Minnesota. 


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Lucas Potter

Lucas has been an agent with Midwest Bonding since July 2022. He graduated from Valley City State University with a degree in Business Education as well as Physical Education. After school Lucas worked security in Las Vegas Nevada before coming home to the Midwest where he met his Wife Rachel and started his family. Lucas currently lives in Moorhead with his wife and 2 kids, enjoys anything sports related and someday wishes to attend a Superbowl preferable with the Vikings playing in it.

Clay County Bail Bonds

Clay county jail is located in Moorhead MN and takes bail for several surrounding counties. Clay county also houses and takes bail for both make and female inmates.

Midwest Bonding as several agents conveniently located all of the state to help with your needs near and far. Midwest Bonding offers zero interest financing and is available 24/7.

Midwest Bonding agents can meet you anyplace anytime anywhere. Your home, our office, and/or we even offer to meet remotely if need be. We are the company that does pride ourselves in “raley saying no.” We are here to help you, you will thank us later.

Office : 218-230-2266
Cell : 701-866-8805

Wesley Haroldson

Serving Bemidji and Northwest Minnesota

Phone : 218-JAIL-SUX
Or 218-524-5789

The state of Minnesota highly regulates the bail bond industry. We are required to charge 10% but they allow us to finance the terms of the agreement. Midwest Bonding specializes in financing the cost of bail, allowing the payments to be spread out over time, and making the process quick and easy.

Marc Schoning

I have 12+ years writing bail bonds in every MN county. My deep knowledge of the jail and court system, and personal relationships with dozens of outstanding defense attorneys can benefit you or your loved ones legal situation.

Office : 612-332-2219
Cell : 612-250-3817

Matthew Higgins

With 15 years of experience I have grown up in the industry.  I lead a talented team of professionals that cover the state of Minnesota.  Our goal is to provide a professional service that is both fast and convenient.  We take pride in providing an easy solution during a difficult time.  Please take a chance to read any of our nearly 100 5 star google reviews.  I personally have helped thousands of people and we are proud of our reputation.  I graduated from Luther College where I studied business and economics.  My favorite way to spend time is anything that involves my wife Karen, son Thomas, and daughter Taylor.

Office : 763-502-1370
Cell : 763-447-0787

Michael Hupp

Michael has been an agent with Midwest Bonding since January 2019.  He is a graduate from the University of Saint Thomas with degrees in sociology and criminal justice.  Prior to joining the Midwest Bonding team, he worked as a Private Detective.  Mike currently lives in Minnetonka with his wife, Claire, and enjoys the outdoors, eating donuts, and participating in Highland Games Competitions.

Office : 651-448-2323
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RD Nelson

I have been in Bail Bonds for 16 years and I have been in sales my entire career.  I also play drums for THE INSIDE OUT band and the wonderful praise band at Grace Lutheran Church in Andover.  Playing in the band and working for Midwest Bonding keeps me on my toes.  I love working for Midwest Bonding because I can help out almost anyone!

Office : 651-674-4490
Cell : 763-238-6656

Troy Higgins

I have rarely said no in my 5 plus years in the business. I am always available. and I will get your friend or family out of jail in a timely manner. If you need a loan, myself and Midwest Bonding will work with you. I make it quick, easy and affordable because JAIL SUCKS.

Work 320-281-1800
Cell 507-456-2479

Troy Brown

I am in my first year as a Bond agent with Midwest Bonding. Stationed out of the Minneapolis area.
In my free time, I love spending quality time with my family. So I am committed to help the defendants reunite with their love ones as soon as possible.

Cell: 612-258-3258
Work : 612-284-5050

Glen Ernest

Glen came to Midwest Bonding with a long background in law enforcement and private investigations culminating in over 25 years of experience in the law enforcement and investigations field.
After graduating high school, Glen went into the United States Coast Guard, where he became a law enforcement officer and military investigator. He excelled in these roles and soon became a boarding officer of a boarding team that conducted searches and seizures of drugs entering the United States, fought human trafficking, as well as, upholding all normal maritime laws. While in the United States military, Glen studied Police Sciences at Lakeshore Technical College.
After his service in the military, Glen became a private investigator, where he personally conducted hundreds of investigations over a twenty year career and even received national honors for results in numerous cases conducted during his investigative career.
Glen also enjoys being a husband and father and is involved many family and personal activities outside of his work schedule.

Office : 218-728-4666
Cell : 218-590-2397